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Birds Eye Systems – Innovative traffic monitoring

Birds Eye Systems

Birds eye systems is a unique and niche product which provides low cost, real time traffic monitoring system Traffline for fast growing metropolitan cities. The system was built around its patented algorithms.

Traffine is a free navigation app and website which gives real time traffic information and alerts to users. It collects data from millions of data points to ensure accuracy. These data points include, UGC, Police control rooms and social media. Users can quickly know traffic updates and save time on their commute. It is the only App which provides information about major highways, secondary roads and local streets in major cities of India.

It is an easy to deploy solution which address the typical problems which occur in fast growing cities with increasing vehicular traffic. The systems has a management team which consists of people from diverse backgrounds which make it possible to have unique perspectives and skill sets which are mutually exclusive but exhaustive. The technical team has experience in working in India as well US.

Birds Eye systems consists of a team of 60+ employees located at 3 offices in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru. The team was incubated by CIIE in 2011. Currently, it is being funded by IAN (Indian Angel Network), a group which consists of highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen from various industries.

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