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Best IIT Inventions in 2019

Best IIT Inventions in 2019

IIT Gandhinagar conducted an intensive summer program, Invent@IITGN, in which 28 students from nine IITs came up with solutions to many problems.

They spent six weeks from 16 May to 28 June 2019. All teams tried their best to create different products to be useful to society.

Here are some of the best IIT inventions:

Prabal Vashisht and Parul Sangwan of IIT Palakkad designed a household mechanical solar tracker. They won the first prize for their invention.

Their mechanism facilitates rooftop solar panels to follow the sun. Moreover, it is mechanical contrary to other solar tracking mechanisms which use electric motors. Their device is mainly based on the works of a mechanical clock.

Furthermore, the solar tracker is powered through a hand-cranking system. It can be easily used in common households.

At present, they are working to improve their prototype further to release it in the market.

Nambilakshmi of IIT Bombay and Prathmesh Deshmukh of IIT Kharagpur designed an eco-friendly takeaway container to replace single-use plastic containers.

Their containers are made from a paper base which can bind to an aluminium lining. It is completely recyclable and leak-proof. Their main motive is to reduce plastic use in the food package.

Samruddhi Pataskar and Kalash Nibjiya of IIT Kharagpur developed Spout-It to easily pour liquids like milk, oil or ghee from the packet. This little clip has an integrated nozzle to crack the corner of the plastic packet. The users can puncture it easily at the corner with this and pour liquids without spilling.

After using, the user can seal the packet with the nozzle’s cap which is airtight to keep the unused portion safe. Thus, there is no need to transfer the contents of the packet into a separate container from the packet.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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