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Automatic robot that can cook 200 dishes

Automatic robot that can cook 200 dishes

Many people in urban areas have no time to cook due to their busy life schedule and jobs. Most of them used to order food or curries from restaurants and curry points. But, the pandemic forced them to stop eating outside food. Several of them cooking on their own or choosing alternative healthy options like home-cooked food. But, it has limited options.

In this context, how would they feel if a robot can cook for them? Here is good news for those who have no time to cook but wants different food varieties.

Euphotic Labs, a Bengaluru-based startup, wanted to come up with a solution for urban customers. They developed an automatic cooking robot, Nosh. Nosh can cook more than 200 one-pot dishes. Many popular recipes like Matar Paneer, carrot halwa, potato fry, chicken curry, fish curry etc., are among them.

Yatin Varachhia, Raval, Amit Gupta, and Sudeep Gupta are the founders of Euphotic Labs.

Yatin, who hailed from a small village in Gujarat, has been passionate about product development since his college days.

He used to crave home-cooked food when he was pursuing his Master’s degree in Bengaluru. He wanted to eat his favourite dishes. However, his desire was not fulfilled even after his marriage as the couple was busy with their work, and they had no time to cook their favourite dishes.

Yatin’s interest in product development led to an innovative product, Nosh. The remaining three who helped him in developing Nosh wanted to continue their journey with him. Thus, the four launched Euphotic Labs.

Nosh is an app-driven AI-powered robot. Users have to put the ingredients like spices, oil, water etc., in the allotted space and punch the name of the recipe they want to eat. They can customize the recipe by adding less salt or more spices. The cost of this automatic robot is around ₹50,000.

The startup wants to make 1,000 units initially and continue further as per orders.

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