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Assam startup makes biodegradable teabags out of leaves

Assam startup makes biodegradable teabags out of leaves

Normal teabags are made out of microplastics which is not good for your health. Besides, teabags emit micro and nano plastic materials at brewing temperatures. Hence, they can damage your health as well as the environment.

To avoid this problem, Assam-based startup, The Tea Leaf Theory (TTLT) designed eco-friendly and biodegradable teabags out of leaves.

TTLT was founded by Upamanyu Borkakoty and Anshuman Bharali in 2016 to help small and marginal tea farmers in Assam, Meghalaya, and Darjeeling. They are successfully operating the business.

TTLT is a B2B platform. It procures different varieties of organic tea leaves from farmers and sells them in both domestic and international markets.

To offer unique products to consumers and tea lovers, the founders of TTLT trained two farmers from whom they are procuring the harvest.

The training involved growing and producing tea. It also included packaging. The tea leaves are compressed after plucking in such a way that they are not damaged during transportation. In addition to that, leaves are tied in a square shape and each teabag would have the same size of two grams.

The founders of TTLT launched these teabags under the brand Wooláh. The name is derived from Assamese word ulah, which means happiness. While TTLT is a B2B platform, Wooláh is direct to a consumer product.

These teabags have compressed leaves and a bud. The teabags are cylindrical and tied with a cotton string. Each bag weighs nearly two grams.

TTLT labelled these teabags as Truedips. They appear similar to a normal teabag. However, the aroma, taste and quality of Truedips are different. With its fresh aroma and taste, these teabags offer a good taste to tea lovers.

With Truedips, the startup empowers the women. Around 40 women involved in the packaging process. The entire process from plucking to packaging is completed at one place, after which it directly goes to the consumer. As the process avoids multiple transportations, it improves the shelf-life of the product.

Truedips are available in different flavours like green tea, white tea, black tea with tulsi, green tea with tulsi, and mix of all varieties.

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