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App to verify employees using Aadhaar

App to verify employees using Aadhaar

Authenticating the identity of a person can be quite a problem in India. Many times there is a need to verify someone’s identity like when hiring domestic help or taking a cab. In order to solve this problem, a new app has been launched which makes it possible to verify a person’s identity using Aadhaar.

The name of the app is TrustID and it has been developed by Swabhimaanya, a registered authentication user agency with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

With the help of the application, one can immediately verify identity of someone using the Aadhar number. One can confirm the name, gender and phone number of a person in less than a minute, says Rahul Pagare, the CEO and founder of Swabhimaanya. He said that the app is useful in confirming the identity of a person to see if he/she is saying the truth.

The verified person will receive a phone call and a message notifying them that their identity has been verified using their Aadhaar number. The company is planning to integrate the application with available digitised court records from next month.

Mr. Pagare said that their company will soon add criminal records within the application. These records will be linked with the Aadhaar. He also added that if Aadhaar is not available, then a search can be done based on the name, phone number, location or photograph. He said that the company is working on the feature now.

The CEO also said that the application is mainly aimed at identifying people related to domestic help like maids, carpenters, cleaners and plumbers. It helps in confirming what they say. The app will be free for individuals for the first 25 verifications. After that, each verification costs Rs. 5. This means that most individuals might not need to pay any money.

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