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App to reunite street kids with their parents

App to reunite street kids with their parents

Every day we see many kids on the street and that can make us wonder if they are lost. Many children wandering around the streets begging or crying are actually children who lost connection with their parents. Now, a new app has come forth to help connect these street kids with their parents.

The app becomes successful through its users. Users can take the pictures of street kids and upload them or report if they find a kid that matches an existing photo from the police database. Helping Faceless is the new app which lets users help police in tracking down lost children.

The app was designed by Shashank Singh who himself was almost kidnapped in his childhood. Thanks to the help of a stranger he successfully went home. Because of this event, he decided to make Helping Faceless.

The app uses facial recognition software to the photo uploaded by users then matches it to the database of lost kids. The database has been created from information from various NGOs, police etc. Users will have to log in to their Facebook to upload their photo. They can also identify and match already existing photos in the app by comparing images and pressing yes if they think the photo is of the same person and pressing no if not.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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