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Aiva: Artificial intelligence that can make music

Aiva: Artificial intelligence that can make music

Music is considered one of the most inherent and defining features of human nature, and the ability to compose music is something that is seen as wholly natural and creative.

However, computer scientist Pierre Barreau has accomplished a previously-unimaginable feat: creating an AI that can compose original music.

After being inspired by the science fiction movie Her, which contains an AI that has the ability to compose music, Barreau was inspired to make something of the sort in real life.

He brought together a team of people with interests in both computer science and musical composition, and they began to work together on this incredible prospect.

Aiva, the composer AI in question, was launched in February of 2016, when “she” wrote “her” first composition for Piano Solo. Unique among other AI systems, Aiva is able to do something considered deeply creative and human: making her own original music.

She wrote her most emotional piece of music to date on the French holiday Bastille Day, on July 14th, 2016. This piece will be the closing track of the album “Genesis”, which will consist entirely of tracks composed by Aiva. However, all of the songs will still be performed and recorded by humans.

Aiva creates her compositions using Deep Learning, in which she reads thousands of compositions in order to build up an intuition of music theory from the extraction of musical features. To test the quality of Aiva’s compositions, the team has brought in several professional musicians to listen to her songs. Thus far, none of them have been able to discern that the composer was an AI.

Aiva: Artificial intelligence that can make music

Aiva: Artificial intelligence that can make music

The album “Genesis” is appropriately named both for the birth of this new kind of AI technology and for Aiva making her mark in the history of music.

Although it may seem frightening for Artificial Intelligence to have reached the point where it can compose original music, it will be exciting to see what Aiva means for the future of Artificial Intelligence and what it can accomplish.

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