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Affordable computers from scrap

Affordable computers from scrap

Technology is a very important part of today’s world. Everyone these days now feels a need towards it.

Meet Mukund BS, a 33 year old young entrepreneur who got the idea of making affordable computers for everyone.

The company he started was called renew it, which was incorporated in the year 2009. The operations of the company started in 2010. Initially he was the only one to do all the work including, marketing, managing finances, meeting clients, etc.

Renew it team collects scrap computers from companies and sells them to people who are poor and needy. The computers are sold at affordable prices after they are repaired.

Mukund started the company with his cousin Raghav Boggaram. Now the company has a team of seven technicians and sales persons.

The idea of the business model is pretty simple. They collect the scrap computers from big corporates.

The technicians then convert the scrap computers into working machines. However, the process of buying scrap computers from corporates is a long process and even takes as much as six months sometimes. Mukund says that this is because many people want to sell it per kg which is not suitable for this business.

The team takes 2 to 3 months to convert the scrap into new ones. The company has sold more than 10,000 computers in just five years.

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