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19-year old builds buggy car from scratch

19-year old builds car from scratch

Can you imagine anyone building a car without any engineering background? But, this 19-year old guy built a car from scratch without having any engineering background.

Prem is a commerce student and learned to make a buggy car by watching videos on internet. Watching the DIY videos, Prem managed to make the car from the chassis up to painting on his own.

Prem Thakur from Mumbai built his own buggy car by watching the videos of YouTube. His father is a rickshaw driver. Prem lives in Kharghar, a suburb of Navi Mumbai. Though his father hardly earns income to meet the basic needs, he decided to provide a good education to his son.

His father bought a computer for Prem when he was studying his 12 standard. Since then, Prem used to learn many things from the internet.

Prem is enthusiastic about cars and has always expressed his desire to make a car on his own since his childhood. Despite their financial difficulties, his family and grandmother supported him to fulfill his dream. The entire family spent as much money as they can to fulfill his dream. They provided the necessary material to make the buggy car. Now they see that the money they spent was not futile.

Getting the support of his family, Prem designed his own buggy car from scratch by watching videos on internet.

Using old engine of a sedan car and other scrap, he made the buggy car. With the limited financial resources, he managed to achieve his dream of making a buggy car. It cost around Rs.2.5 lakh to make the car.

He added some fancy features in the car as well. Some of them are cool side-blinkers, music system with USB port etc.

Prem wanted to test his own car at a race track in the future. He also wants to become an automobile engineer.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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