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A win for US school children because of faulty understanding of yoga

A win for US school children a

A debate has been restarted regarding the Hindu roots of yoga after the district court ruling on the yoga program in public schools in Encinitas, CA. Most headlines have incorrectly stated that the court ruled yoga is not religions. However, the court has stated no such thing.

In fact the court has stated that Ashtanga yoga insofar is part of Hinduism. This is because Ashtanga yoga is a practice of an eight limbed form of yoga in which the eighth and final limb is called union with universal or the divine. This goes to show that the court was not shy with linking Ashtanga yoga with Hinduism.

The first iteration of the yoga program was sponsored by the Jois Foundation which overly promoted the Ashtanga nature of its curriculum. The teachers would teach the children to start the class with Namaste which is taught as a sign of respect. This notion has concerned some parents. The program went of existence three years ago.

The current program sponsored by Sonima Foundation does not each about the eight limbs of Ashtanga or the chanting of “Om”. The curriculum is based on health and wellness. Even though the yoga is devoid of spirituality, the court ruling definitely helps the children.

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