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Importance of Peacock Feather in Hinduism

peacock feather

Peacock is considered one of the most auspicious birds in Hindu Mythology. It is so important in Indian culture that it even became the national bird of India. Many people put peacock feathers in their homes.

This is not done just for decoration purposes. Having a peacock feather in home is said to bring good luck to the home.

Peacocks have survived for more than 4000 years. It still remains the oldest ornamental bird in the world. It is surprising how the species managed to survive for so long. There are many myths about peacocks.

According to the Hindu mythology, the peacock was created from the feathers of the bird Garuda (a mythical creature). Garuda is the carrier of Lord Vishnu. Many Hindu sculptures use peacocks as a symbol of cycle of time.

Another myth is that peacock feathers used to be dull. In a battle between Ravana and Indra, Indra hid behind peacock feathers and later blessed it with bright feathers as a gift for hiding him.

The peacock feather is also identified with Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). This is the major reason for people to keep peacock feathers in their homes. These are some of the many myths and beliefs in Hindu mythology about the auspicious bird.

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