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V-Day is now Rashtriya Prem Divas

V-Day is now Rashtriya Prem Divas

If you want to express your love to a loved one on February 14th you should not celebrate it as Valentine’s Day but rather as Rashtriya Prem Divas.

After many hate messages from young Indians about the saffron parties’ rules about stopping valentine’s (Rashtriya Prem Divas) celebrations, they made announcement that it must be celebrated in an Indian style.

It seems that the parties have identified the potential in the young Indians and the connection they can make with them through this move.


So, they added a new twist to the Valentine’s Day tradition.

In order to Indianize the tradition, the colour of love has been declared as love.

The flower of love has been declared as Lotus.

Vyarth Premik, the General Secretary of Rashtriya Prem Divas Council stated that since Lotus is our national flower it should be used instead of the red rose.

The council has set forth members to seize, maul, and destroy chocolates and roses.

The council has also announced that couples can go to their camps to get free Kundli matching service on the day.

Disclaimer: The article is written for fun-sake only.

Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash (Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/siRbJlln-xA

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