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Flowers to gift your valentine

Valentine's Day

The day of love is fast approaching and the way you express your love on that day matters a lot to partners.

Flowers are one of the most common ways to express your love.

Let us take a look at some of the flowers that you can gift your valentine.


These are the most commonly gifted flowers and for a good reason. Roses are the flowers of passion and love. Gifting red roses symbolizes the romance and passion between you and your partner.


Tulips are also very commonly exchanged flowers on Valentine’s Day. They symbolize comfort and care in your love. They are also very affordable.


These fascinating flowers can express the fascination you feel towards your partner.


Orchids are also very commonly given. They not only express love and strength but also express romance and seduction.


The smell of the white wonders can make any partner feel loved and cared for. They are very good for igniting a passion between you and your partner.


They are the symbol of purity and innocence. Giving them can show the purity of your love.

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