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Unknown Indian Railway Rules

Unknown Indian Railway Rules

Sometimes, you may miss the train at your boarding station and think that your seat or berth might be allotted to some other person by the TTE.

But, the TTE cannot allocate your seat immediately after the commencement of the train in the station.

Here are some interesting rules of Indian Railways you might not be aware of:

Your berth cannot be allocated by the TTE until the train passes the next two stops or in the next one hour. He has to follow the earliest thing.

So, even if you miss the train at your boarding station you can board the train in the next station before one hour.

If you think that you cannot catch the train, you may file a TDR for which you can get 50% of the base fare refunded after the commencement of the train.

A passenger can break his journey if the travel distance is more than 500 km. The facility can be availed only after travelling 500 km from the originating station.

In peak seasons, you may not get the tickets for your actual station. At that time, you can book tickets to an earlier station if there is an availability. In such cases, you can extend your journey to your original destination by informing to the TTE before reaching the destination. You have to pay extra fare for such journey and might be allotted a different seat or berth as per the availability.

Often you might face troubles with middle berth travelers as they might want to sleep early and get up late. But, the latest Railway rules say that the sleeping hours are 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. So, middle berths are used only in the prescribed hours. However, passengers should cooperate with pregnant women, senior citizen and disabled people for a smooth journey.

If any train is short terminated due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc. and Railways cannot arrange any other alternate arrangements, then you will be refunded full fare when you surrender the tickets to the station master.

Birds should not be carried in the regular coaches and they should be placed in the luggage van as they are treated as freight as per rules. However, exotic bird species including parrots cannot be transported. So check with Railways before booking.

No vendor is permitted to sell packaged food or water or any other goods at a higher price than MRP. Violators of this rule will be punished with a hefty fine and even their license may be cancelled. You can lodge a complaint using the toll free number of 1800111321.

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