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Train coaches to become isolation wards

Train coaches to become isolation wards

Indian Railways suspended all its passenger trains across the country in the wake of COVID-19. Now, it decided to convert train coaches into isolation wards considering the increased need for quarantine facilities in the country.

Railways decided to help the government combat against COVID-19 and transform its coaches into quarantine facilities.

The Railways is formulating a plan for this. Officials are working on identifying areas where these train coaches can be parked.

Railways is mulling to park the coaches in places where there is enough power and access to a pantry.

Medical facilities and food are provided in the coaches. These coaches will be available for patients and paramedical staff who treat them.

As of now, the exact design has not yet been finalized. The Chairman of the Railway board is speaking to health experts to understand what exactly is needed for the quarantine. The pros and cons are also being looked at.

Each LHB coach has nine lobbies. In other words, each coach has nine segments, each with six berths. Each berth can be utilized as a single unit to keep an individual.

Railways decided to divide these coaches into a section with enough space to accommodate at least nine patients in each coach.

Thus, with 20,000 coaches, at least 10,000 isolation wards will be created as per the proposed plan. If these quarantine facilities came into use, it will help a lot of patients.

The pantry cars will be converted into a mobile kitchen to supply to stations where there are no base kitchens.

Due to Janata Curfew and nationwide lockdown, many rakes from various zones were stuck with different zonal railways. They are now returning to their home zones.

Once they return to their home zones, the Railways identifies the coaches, disinfects them and makes them ready to be used for quarantine.
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