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Tourist Spots in Goa

Goa is one of the hottest tourist spots in India. Not only many Indians, but also people from various countries visit this beautiful place. Goa has a strong and vibrant culture filled with fun and carnivals. The beaches, cuisine, and nightlife make this an instant “must visit” in India. Let us take a look at some of things “must do” things in Goa.

Visit the beaches – You can’t not go to Goa and visit the beaches. The beaches are one of the most attractive and pleasant places of Goa. The various beaches with beautiful sand makes them a paradise for nature lovers. With winter coming up, visiting these beaches now is the perfect choice.

Visit the churches – Goa has been ruled by various European countries centuries ago. Having various rulers has created a unique architectural style there. The many churches built centuries ago (some as old as 450 years ago) are must visit places. These churches exhibit the vibrance and culture of the place. The important churches to visit are: Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Francis of Assini, Church of St. Cajatan and Church of Lady of Rosary.

Spice plantations – Goa is a place of nature and the many spice plantations only embody that nature perfectly. Visiting these plantations will give you an idea about the rural side of Goa.

Anjuna Flea Market – Come Wednesday and you will find this beautiful flea market open. There is a huge range of goods available here in this market. This places makes the perfect stop for anyone wanting to find great souvenirs.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary – Another must visit for nature lovers. The major part of Goa’s beauty is in its nature. This wildlife sanctuary is full of trees and rare plants. It is possible to camp here in this forest. The forest department will provide cots and mosquito nets to camp there. This will truly make an adventurous trip.

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