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This Karnataka village has uninterrupted free electricity

This Karnataka village has uninterrupted free electricity

Many villages in the country are troubled with electricity-related issues. While several villages in India do not have enough electricity, this Karnataka village has an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Chembu is a small village in Kodagu, Karnataka. This tiny village is enclosed by dense forests and streams. Some of the lands around the village belong to the forest department. As a result, Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited cannot install electric poles in these lands.

But, the villagers are smart. They found an innovative solution to their problem. They laid large pipes into streams to diver the water. They fixed turbines to operate with force when the water falls over them. They connected a generator to the turbines to produce electricity. Thus, the villagers are generating their own electricity.

They are generating 1KV or 2KV electricity as per their needs. The production set-up cost is around ₹50,000. The gram panchayat of the village helps the villagers to get loans and subsidies to produce hydroelectricity for their needs.

The villagers run the turbine almost the entire day during the rainy season. But during summer, they divert the water to their agricultural farms during the day and re-divert it at night. Thus, they are balancing the water to meet both agricultural and electricity requirements.

Now villagers have many necessary electrical appliances like a mixer grinder, refrigerator, television, wet grinder etc., in their home.

Having these things in their home was a luxury for them once as they did not have electricity in their village. But, now, they are happily reaping the fruit for their collective efforts, with which they achieved it.

They don’t have any power cuts, unlike the majority of villages in the country. They are enjoying free electricity round the clock.  With 24-hour power in their village, they are happy.

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