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Things that were named after the places

Things that were named after the places

There are many things in the world that are popular. Some places have historical significance and some others have religious significance. Due to the importance, these places have become popular. Certain things are famous due to their origin in specific places. These things are unique and remind us of the places. Here is a list of certain popular things that were named after the places they are from.

Almost all footwear lovers like the open-toed style and hand-crafted designs of Kolhapur Chappals. They originated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The chappals were believed to be worn in 13th century.

Kanchipuram Saree is one of the renowned brands in South India. It is a popular traditional attire for marriages. It is said that Kanchi Silk weavers were the successors of Sage Markanda, the Lord of Weavers.

Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV, the King of Mysore Kingdom set up a soap factory when he could not export the sandalwood stock to Europe. Thus, Mysore Sandal soap originated.

Channapatna is affectionately called as ‘Gombegala Ooru’ due to the wooden toys made in the town. The wooden toys are made out of Ivory Wood that is popular all over the country.

Thanjavur Dolls are terracotta toys. These dolls move and swing without any batteries.

Kashmiri shawls are made out of Pashmina Wool. The hand-made shawls are made out of the goats’ fur of Kashmir area.

Patiala Salwar was made for the King of Patiala. It is a Royal attire. The Salwar set the trend of a graceful appearance of the attire admired by many girls.

Villianur is renowned for handicrafts. The Terracotta works of this place were ancient and date back to the age of Satavahanas. Villianur Terracotta Works look beautiful and are made out of a unique technique. Green clay, fine sand and thennal is used to make these Terracotta Works.

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