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Suchitram Foundation Provides Educational Scholarships

Suchitram foundation is a foundation started by friends, for friends, and to friends. The foundation aims to globalize the non-profit social welfare charity. Generally the providers and donors cannot reach the people in need properly. The foundation aims at filling this gap between them by being a bridge. Suchitram foundation offers educational scholarships and provides quality learning to children.

The foundation was started in the memory of nine friends. It was started for those friends by a group of friends. It tries to provide the basic resources to those who are need and create opportunities needed for them to succeed in school and professional life.

Recently the foundation has visited Budipeta Primary School to provide them with help. They also visited kamalamma orphanage to spend time with the children and understand their home and school related requirements. Based on these needs they have taken the proper action. Other things they have done last year include Ushodayam – cook and serve. In this event, they called volunteers to cook for orphan children. The food from the event went to 110 children who are living at Kasturiba Gandhi National Memorial Trust in Chilikur, Hyderabad.

With the concept of friends, this foundation calls forth various people to help those in need. It forms a bond between the helpers and those in need.

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