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Special initiatives for cows in UP

Special initiatives for cows in UP

To take care of the health of cows, the Uttar Pradesh government is going to start a 24-hour ambulance service, Abhinav Ambulance.

The UP state government is all set to start this ambulance service from December this year for the treatment of cows. It will run over 500 ambulances for the programme.

The ambulance service is available round the clock. Each ambulance has a veterinarian and two veterinary staff members. For the smooth functioning of this service, a call centre will be set up.

One can call the centre to use the service within 15 minutes. This service helps cattle rearers.

The ambulance service enables the transport of cows to the veterinary hospital when they are suffering from health issues. It ensures to take the animals to the hospital in the least possible time.

The government is also planning to provide a system to improve the breeds of cows. Under this scheme, the government will provide facilities for the free insemination of cows. It assures complete insemination of cows through the embryo transplant technique. Cattle rearers can use it thrice and benefit from the facility.

The embryo transplant technique was first used in the Barabanki district. It showed promising results. Hence, the UP government wants to extend it to all districts.

Meanwhile, authorities of the Hamirpur district in Uttar Pradesh arranged devotional music for cows. With this, cows at the Kanha Gaushraya Sthal will be provided with devotional music like hymns and bhajans of Lord Krishna. These hymns will be played in low volume twice daily, morning and evening. It aims to improve their happiness and wellbeing.

The District Magistrate Chandra Bhushan Tripathi and SP Kamlesh Dixit visited this cow shelter last week. They worshipped cows and put shawls on cows to protect them from winter. They also offered jaggery to these animals.

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