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Soon, cows get Aadhar like IDs

Soon, cows get Aadhar like IDs

In order to protect the cattle from smuggling, they will be provided with tamper-proof IDs with Unique Identification Number. These include cows, their calves, oxen and bulls. The UIN consists of details like age, breed, sex, height, body colour, lactation, horn type, tail switch and special marks if any.

Central government informed the Supreme Court on Monday that NDA government has been working for this since 2014. A method of tamper-proof identification of cattle has been devised by the Ministry of Agriculture. This model uses polyurethane tags with a UIN sequence.

The government is mulling to make this mandatory for cows and their offspring across the country. Mass tagging of cattle has already been in use by livestock development boards and animal husbandry departments in states for insurance.

All the owners of the cattle should have to maintain a registration card for their cattle whether they are in a dairy farm, shelter home or in dry dairy.

These registration cards will be transferred to the next owner if the sale or transfer is genuine.

Thus, smuggling can be resisted. The central government informed to the SC that all these are recommended by high-level-inter-ministerial committee. They have also been approved by the competent authority.

Earlier, the committee stated that low-yielding and barren cows, and also bull are sold to organized smugglers.

Sometimes they are being smuggled abroad if abandoned cattle are found on roads. Cattle owners have no responsibility as there are no methods to prevent smuggling or abandoning non-yielding cows.

Hence, the committee proposed to tag the cattle with UIN system.

The Centre also furnished the details of causes that are associated with the smuggling of cattle to Bangladesh on a large scale.

West Bengal is first in smuggling cattle followed by Assam.

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