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Significance of Ashoka Chakra in Tricolour

Significance of Ashoka Chakra in Tricolour

Indians are celebrating the 75th anniversary of Independence Day. in this context, it is apt to know the significance of elements of the national flag. Ashoka Chakra is one of the important elements of the flag. It appears on many edicts of Ashoka. The most prominent one is the Lion Capital of Ashoka.

Ashoka Chakra is in navy blue colour on a white background. The blue represents the sky and ocean.

Though the size of the Ashoka Chakra is not specified in the flag code, its diameter is almost equal to the width of the white strip. The chakra also depicts the movement in life and stagnation in death.

Ashoka Chakra features in the middle of the flag. It was adopted on July 22, 1947, replacing the symbol of Charkha of the earlier version of the flag.

Ashoka Chakra is a wheel that depicts Dharmachakra. It has 24 spokes; each represents a value or principle that India would use to progress in the world. Some of them are love, courage, self-sacrifice, patience, truthfulness, spiritual knowledge, righteousness, morality, welfare, faith, industry, and prosperity. As it symbolises principles or values, it is called the wheel of dharma. These 24 spokes are equally spaced.

It is also said that these 24 spokes depict 24 principles that humans should have. Some of them are modesty, service, love, peace, forgiveness, and wisdom.

They also represent twelve causal links taught by Gautama Buddha. While the first 12 spokes represent stages of suffering, the remaining 12 spokes represent no cause no effect.

The 24 spokes also represent twenty-four hours in the day. Hence, it is also called the wheel of the time.

Ashoka Chakra is also called the wheel of duty. It also shows the progressiveness of the country. Dr BR Ambedkar played a vital role in using the Ashoka Chakra on the flag.

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