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Significance of Bhai Dooj festival

Significance of Bhai Dooj

Today is Bhai Dooj festival. The festival of Diwali ends with this. As the name suggests, this festival is dedicated to brothers and sisters. It is believed that Lord Krishna visited his sister after killing Narakasura who welcomed him with sweets and flowers. In another tale, Yama, the king of Hell visited his sister Yami who welcomed him and applied tilak on his forehead. She also prayed for her brother’s well-being. Thus, on this day many girls and women wish for their brothers’ long life, wealth and success.

Bhai Dooj festival is called with different names in different states. It is termed as “Bhai Phota” in Bengali, “Bhau-Beej” in Marathi, Gujarathi and Kokani. It is also known as Bhatri Ditya. Whatever is the name, the festival brings happiness and joy to brothers and sisters. Several rituals are performed on this occasion. In states like Haryana and Maharashtra women who do not have brothers worship the moon. They perform the aartis for the moon.

Sisters apply tilak on their brothers’ forehead and make sweets for their brothers. They exchange gifts as well. Like every other festival in India, Bhai Dooj also has its own significance.

  1. It strengthens the bond between brother and sister. Though they may fight and argue, they wish the welfare of one another on this very special day.
  2. This festival not only unites their siblings but also the cousins who are living far away. They meet and recollect the childhood memories.
  3. This festival reminds the responsibilities of brothers and sisters. Despite all the differences, both prefer to connect on this festival and thus is a great way to eliminate differences between them.
  4. This festival brings the families together. The married sisters also visit their brother’s homes along with spouses and children, and enjoy the festival.
  5. Sisters make special delicacies for their brothers. Brothers also bring chocolates or sweets for their sisters. Thus, this festival is a way of sharing and expressing their love towards their siblings.

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