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This show is showcasing differently-abled people’s talents

This show is showcasing differently-abled people’s talents

In many rural parts of India, it is still a taboo to talk about people with physical disabilities and mental illnesses.

More and more people are attempting to change this, and are striving to help these people achieve things based on what they can do, rather than what they can’t do.

Now, an NGO from Pune named Poona Nature Lovers has organized a talent show specifically for that purpose.

The show, known as EPIC (Encouraging Potential in Community), is an annual showcase of art, dance, and music, all done by differently-abled people.

It allows these differently-abled people to be recognized for their extraordinary abilities.

EPIC began in 2014, originally organized by the founder of Poona Nature Lovers, Pratik Kela.

It happens once a year, and the planning for it begins several months in advance so that the performers can pull off the best show possible.

The event is based in Pune and is held there as well, but the performers come from several different parts of India. People have come from Odisha, Karnataka, and Gujarat to perform in EPIC.

The show is an outlet for the blind, deaf, mute, physically impaired, and mentally impaired, since it allows their talents to flourish on the stage.

One of the dancers in EPIC, Sanjay Solankhi, says that the show gives people like him an identity, since they can show people that they can do things just as well as any normally-abled people.

EPIC allows society to recognize these differently-abled people, and it also earns them respect from people who would otherwise dismiss them as hopelessly disabled.

A dance troupe from Orissa, ignored in their home village, won great praise and acclaim when they performed at EPIC.

differently-abled people

Shows that exhibits differently-abled people’s talents

Abhishek Taware, a man missing one arm and one leg, showed off his archery skills, in which he aims his arrow with his teeth.

Dhaval Khatri is an artist without arms, who showed off his paintings at EPIC.

This show brings together differently-abled people of all types with all kinds of skills, and allows them to show their potential to the world.


Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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