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Sanskrit summer camp gets 60 intellectuals in China

Sanskrit summer camp gets 60 intellectuals in China

The Indian language of Sanskrit is becoming more and more popular among the new generation of China. It seems that 60 Chinese intellectuals have enrolled at a Buddhist Institute for a free summer camp to study Sanskrit in order to know more about the religious and yoga texts better.

These 60 students have been selected from more than 300 candidates.

They have a broad range of professions ranging from yoga instructors, mechanical designers, performers, hotel management and environmental protection personnel etc.

For six days, they will study at the Hangzhou Buddhism Institute in eastern China. The study will focus mainly on reading and writing Sanskrit.

Since Buddhists texts were brought by famous monks like Chines Monk Xuan Zang who did a 17 year long journey to India, Sanskrit has an increased prominence in China.

In fact, The Peking University has a department for Sanskrit where more than 60 people study it. Renowned Indologist Ji Xianlin has been awarded Padma Shri for his contribution.

Another reason for this increased interest in Sanskrit is the increased popularity of yoga in recent years.

This is especially true after UN has designated June 21 as international yoga day.

Going back to history, the Chinese schools began Sanskrit classes since late 1940s.

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