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China to start its first yoga school

China to start its first yoga school

China is all set to have its first yoga school Kunming. Yunnan University of Nationalities in Kunming is finalizing plans for a brand new college of Yoga. Once opened later this year, it’ll promote cultural exchanges with the subcontinent while instructing students regarding the philosophies and applications encompassing the practice of yoga.

The idea for a faculty of yoga was initially started in 2014 at the tenth annual Kunming to Kolkata Forum (K2K) command within the Spring City. At the convention, representatives from the governments of Yunnan and also the Indian state of West Bengal mentioned a way to better promote relations between their two regions. Out of these deliberations grew the college of Yoga.

In addition to courses in Indian culture, philosophy and faith, the initial set up involves twenty students from Yunnan University of Nationalities (YUN) to participate in three-week seminars annually at Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata. Others majoring in the Hindi and Bengali languages are expected to remain longer and presumably earn degrees in India.

In this cooperative effort, even the professors are involved. The scholars from both institutes will also participate together for future sabbatical exchanges. This is all being done in order to increase the strength of India – China cultural relationship.

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