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Rooster led to accidental death was under Police protection

Rooster led to accidental death was under Police protection

In a sad incident, a man was killed by a rooster cock fitted with a knife that was tied for cockfighting in Telangana. The owner of the cock, Satish Goud, tied the cock’s leg with a sharp knife to participate in a cockfight in Lothunur, Gollapalli.

While he was carrying it, the cock tried to free itself, which led to a deep cut on his groin. The man was immediately rushed to the hospital, but no use as he died on the way with heavy bleeding.

The police registered a case and held the cock in the police station to produce it in the court of law. Later the cock was sent to a poultry farm.

Meanwhile, several electronic media flashed the news that the police arrested the cock for murdering its owner. This news became viral and grabbed the attention of many people.

However, the police officers clarified that the cock was held in the police station to offer protection to it, and it was their duty to produce it in the court of law with the knife.

Also, police searched for the organizers and participants of the illegal competition. The police identified that around 15 people were involved in this incident. Cockfighting was banned in the state. Still, these fights are going on in rural areas, especially during the festival of Sankranti. Specially-bred roosters are raised for these fights by providing a special diet. These roosters have sharp knives or blades tied on their legs, due to which they lost their lives in the fights.

Several roosters die in these illegal competitions each year. Occasionally the deaths of humans are also happening. However, it takes time for such news to come into the limelight.

Many animal activists have been fighting against these fights. However, several such fights are organized secretly.

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