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RK Laxman – A Legendary Cartoonist

RK Laxman

RK laxman was a legendary cartoonist who knew how to use art to destroy the masks that two faced politicians wear. He was renowned as the Times of India’s ‘CCTV’ (Complete Cartoonist Total Value). He was a trendsetter for his quality cartoons in both the papers and magazines. His ideas, tastes and skills were praised by the entire cartooning world.

His brushstrokes were so powerful to balance the black and white. His black and white cartoons were so beautiful and may not be beautiful if they were coloured.

He also made cartoons about the issues of family. His cartoons carried genius level satires which highlighted issues which deserved much attention. Here are some of the best by RK Laxman from Times of India. India will truly miss him.

Image Credit:- Gurera / CC BY-SA

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gurera%27s_Tribute_to_Laxman.jpg

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