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Origin of Christianity in India

Origin of Christianity

Today is Christmas, the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. The preaching of Jesus Christ is filled with love and forgiveness which attracted several people towards Christianity. Christianity is the third largest religion in India.

Christmas is India is celebrated with devotion and fervour. The teachings of Lord Jesus Christ encourage divine love and affection towards one another.

The origin of Christianity is ancient and began in 2nd Century.

The Christian traditions believe that Thomas, one of the apostles of Lord Jesus Christ visited India and spread evangelism in the current Kerala and Tamil Nadu by establishing seven churches in these areas. Various Persian immigrant settlers strengthened it. Some claim that Lord Jesus travelled through India. However, there is no concrete evidence for that.

The rulers of Kerala had given various privileges to St. Thomas Christians.

Yet, the French missionary Jordanus Catalani was the first man to convert thousands of people in to Christianity. Later with other European missionaries it flourished.

The cultures of various Christians in India is different and depends mainly upon the region in which they live along with other factors. Most of these cultures seem to be a blend of Indian, European and Syrian cultures.

However, the culture of Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala is specifically different to that of other parts of the country.

90 percent of population in Mizoram and Meghalaya are Christians. However, the highest number of Christians live in Kerala and Tamil Nadu with nearly 65 lakhs and 38 lakhs Christians respectively.

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