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Onions stolen from farmer’s storehouse

Onions stolen from farmer’s storehouse

Onions are making news headlines due to their price.

The central government is taking several steps to control the price of onions, yet the price has been rising.

It increased the minimum export price and withdrew the incentives to discourage the exports of onions.

The government data says that retail onion prices were ₹57, ₹56, ₹48 and ₹34 per kilogram in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai last week.

However, trade data showed that their prices rose to ₹70-80 per kg.

In this context, the Government of India yesterday sold the onions at ₹22 in New Delhi and many people queued up to buy them.

Meanwhile, a farmer in Nashik, Maharashtra complained that onions worth ₹1 lakh has been stolen from his storehouse by an unidentified person.

Rahul Bajirao Pagar, an onion grower from Maharashtra reported that his summer stock of 25-tonne onions was stolen. He had kept that stock in 117 plastic crates at his storehouse, but in the evening he found that the entire stock was missing.

Case of theft has been registered on his complaint and search has been begun. The summer onions stocks are auctioned for ₹3,500 to ₹5,000 per quintal in his area.

There is another incident where another farmer complained to the police that some unidentified persons allegedly mixed urea in his stock of onions which resulted in rotting of about 120 tonnes of onions and thereby a loss of ₹5 lakh.

There are many reasons for the skyrocketing prices of onions.

Drought in several parts of the country where onions are grown is one of the main reasons. Much of the onion stock is stored in Maharashtra and the heavy rains there disrupted the transport to other areas. Delay in the arrival of Kharif crop in Karnataka is another reason.
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