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Farmer’s protest on onion prices

Farmer’s protest on onion prices

In order to show his protest on the prices of onions, a farmer chose a different method. He sent the money earned by selling the onions to the Prime Minister of India.

Sanjay Sathe is the resident of Niphad tehsil in Nashik district. He could sell his onions for ₹1.40 per kg.

He produced 750 kg of onion in this season and was offered a rate of ₹1 per kg.

And after negotiating the deal, he could sell his onions for ₹1.40 per kg and received ₹1,064 for 750 kg of onions.

The sore farmer wanted to show his protest as these were the returns of his four months of toil. So, he donated the ₹1,064 to Disaster Relief Fund of the PMO as his protest.

He sent the money by way of money order for which, he had to pay an extra ₹54.

He addressed the money order to “Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India”. It was sent on November 29.

Thus, he showed his protest to government for its apathy towards their woes.

Nashik district in north Maharashtra alone contributes to 50% of onion production in India.

Interestingly, he was chosen by the Union agriculture ministry to interact with then US President Barack Obama in 2010 when he visited India.

At that time, few farmers from India were selected to meet the US President and Sanjay Sathe was one among them.

Sanjay Sathe said that he follows the advisory to increase his yield. He used to call to get information related to weather changes.

He experiments in his field and achieves success. He had been invited to talk on their local radio stations of AIR about his experiments in agriculture.

That’s why he was chosen by the ministry to set up a stall in Mumbai when Obama visited it. He also had spoken to him for a couple of minutes with the help of an interpreter.’
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