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Onam festival celebrations

Onam festival celebrations

Onam is one of the major festivals in Kerala state.

It is celebrated in the beginning of the first month of Malayalam calendar.

The festival usually falls in the month of August or September in Gregorian calendar.

Onam, the harvest festival is celebrated to commemorate the home-coming of Mahabali, the king who acquired immortality for his humility from Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

As per the legend, people of Kerala were happy in the reign of Mahabali.

They prospered and were happy due to the virtues of Mahabali.

Yet he was egoistic due to which his reign was put to an end by Lord Vishnu.

But, later Mahabli was granted a boon by the Lord. As per the boon, he could visit his people each year.

Thus, Onam is celebrated each year to welcome the king.

Onam is a festival of 10 days.

Each day of the festival has its own significance and various activities are conducted on these days.

Onam celebrations start with Atham day in the Chingam month of Malayalam calendar.

Thiruvonam is the most auspicious day which is celebrated on the final day of Onam festival. It is celebrated today this year.

Like every Indian festival, Onam is also associated with festival rituals.

Homes are decorated with pookalam, Rangoli made with flowers to welcome Mahabali.

It is also common to conduct pookalam competitions during this festival.

People offer prayers in temples as well as in home.

They also enjoy music and dance. Snake boat races are common during Onam festival.

These races are held on the banks of Pampa River.

Elephant procession is another major attraction of this festival.

Another significant part of Onam is the grand feast on the final day i.e. Thiruvonam. The grand feast has more than 25 varieties of recipes.

This feast is known as Onasadya.

It is served on the leaves of banana.

People comfortably sit on mats and have their feast.

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