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Odd-even scheme didn’t work: NGT

Odd-even scheme didn’t work: NGT

Delhi has many vehicles due to which the traffic chaos and pollution levels are increasing day by day here. Many concerns on the air quality of the National capital are also on the rise. In order to solve traffic issues and reduce pollution, AAP government proposed odd-even scheme according to which the vehicles with odd numbers and even numbers operated on alternative days for a specific period. It was implemented two times this year once in January and another time in April. But, it did not help to solve the problems, says NGT.

Yesterday the National Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered Delhi government to come up with a new solution to control pollution levels in the city as odd-even formula did not help much.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) stated that even though there was a strict implementation of odd-even formula scheme in Delhi in the month of April, there is no improvement in the air quality. Rather it seemed to have made things worse as per the report. Hence, NGT directed the Delhi government to seek other solutions to mitigate risk of air pollution which has been increasing constantly and significantly.

CPCB monitored the level of pollution and checked for various pollutants in the air two times, before the implementation of odd-even scheme and after the implementation of scheme in April to get a conclusion on the matter. Based on the reports, it says that there was no improvement during the period of scheme and the pollution only worsened.

Mahendra Pandey, a scientist filed a petition on the implementation of odd-even scheme stating that there are many reasons for the pollution level in Delhi and not just vehicular emission. Hence, he sought the help of CPCB to test the air quality. Next hearing on the issue will be on November 16.
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