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Noble qualities mentioned by Vidura

Noble virtues mentioned by Vidura

Vidura was born to Parishrami, a servant maid of the Hastinapura queens, by the grace of Sage Vyasa. He was a nobleman in Mahabharata.

Vidura was the stepbrother of Dhritarashtra and Pandu and the paternal uncle of the Pandavas and Kauravas.

Vidura, who walked in the path of righteousness, mentioned the essential noble qualities of a human being.

As per Vidura, wisdom is the first and foremost quality that makes a person successful in all walks of life. Those who have wisdom and intelligence will get success in their life. On the contrary, people who act foolish or without thinking face difficulties.

People who have patience and control their senses live happily. They show the right path to others and get honour from them.

People with nobility are appreciated and respected everywhere. Due to their noble nature, they treat others also equally and respect them, and receive them in reciprocation.

Knowledgeable persons can solve any problem with their knowledge. Due to their knowledge, others will approach them for their advice when they encounter a problem.

Braveness is another quality praised by others. Brave people can face any adverse situation and fight with courage. This quality makes them special, and many people admire them for this. Brave people also become popular.

Giving donations to people in need helps them live in a better way. These people receive appreciation for their charity and also the blessings of God.

People who speak less are treated as intelligent. As they speak less, others hear their words with great attention and consider them important.

Gratitude is another quality that one must-have it. People should remember the ones who offer charity during their tough times or support them financially. Having gratitude makes them great human beings. It helps them succeed in their paths.

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