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New Trend of Wedding Invitations in India

New Trend of Wedding Invitations in India

Wedding invitation gives a glimpse of the taste of the couple. It was in the traditional form in the past. However, it has been changing over the years. While a few couples wanted to transform their wedding invitations in the past, many couples are opting for novel invitations nowadays.

In addition to that, COVID-19 also changed the form of wedding invitation. In India, big fat weddings are quite common as people consider it a big event in their life. Since it is a one-time event in their life, they want it to be in a grand manner. Not just the rich, but the middle-class and below middle-class people also want to perform grand marriage to the maximum possible extent.

But, COVID-19 changed the fate of wedding events in the country. The number of invitees for weddings have been reduced due to restrictions. In this context, many couples are choosing different innovative ways for their wedding.

Here are some instances which show the changing trend of wedding invitations in India:         

Some couples printed creative messages related to COVID while some others printed COVID protocols like ‘Be a superhero, Wear your mask’.

Last month, a couple from Tamil Nadu sent a wedding invitation along with home-delivered wedding food. They sent a printed card of the wedding details with a webcast link and timing and the details of the wedding meal to be home-delivered. One of the invitees shared the invitation on Twitter and it went viral. Netizens applauded the innovative idea.

Many people switched to digital wallets to avoid physical contacts. This Madurai couple came up with another innovative idea. They printed the QR codes of their Google Pay and PhonePe accounts on the wedding card. Thus, guests can transfer cash digitally. Around 30 people utilized this opportunity and sent their gifts through digital wallets.

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