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New National Medical Commission Bill

New National Medical Commission Bill

The medical scene in India has been in need of reform for quite some time. Under the Indian Medical Council Act, which was enacted in 1956, people could pay their way into medical college, regardless of their academic track records.

Naturally, the people who went this route often became poor doctors in the long term, even leading to the deaths of their patients due to inadequate medical care.

Thus, the government has realized this need for reform, and J. P. Nadda, the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, introduced the National Medical Commission Bill on December 29th, 2017.

If this Bill is passed, it will repeal the Indian Medical Council Act and set the groundwork for a better system of medical education.

The medical education system under the National Medical Commission Bill would ensure that all medical care and education is high-quality and up-to-date.

This Bill would only allow practitioners of traditional Indian medicine to prescribe allopathic drugs after passing a bridge course.

Additionally, within three years of the passage of the Bill, a National Medical Commission (NMC) must be created, which will consist of 25 central government-appointed members.

The NMC will have several functions, such as framing the policies of medical professionals and institutions, and assessing the requirements of healthcare-related infrastructure and human resources.

Additionally, the Medical Advisory Council will be constituted by the central government. This will function as the platform through which views and concerns can be brought before the NMC.

To ensure the quality of medical professionals, the Bill will require a National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for the admission to undergraduate in all medical institutions that are regulated by the Bill.

Overall, if this Bill is passed, the Indian medical education scene will see some much-needed improvement.

The NMC will make sure that all medical professionals in India are highly-educated in their field, and that all medical care in India is top quality.

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