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Mumbai eatery offers Bahubali Momos

Mumbai eatery offers Bahubali Momos

You can find many varieties of snacks in various parts of the country. Not just native snacks but snacks from other countries also become popular in India. One such snack variety is momo.

This Nepali snack variety became so famous here that several varieties of momos are available in many areas of the country now, with different stuffings inside them. Momos became one of the favourite food items of citizens.

Momos are steamed as well as deep-fried or pan-fried. Generally, they are served with sauces and dips.

In India, various varieties of momos like chilli momos, chocolate momos, paneer momos, cheese momos, masala momos, vegetable momos, tandoori momos, chicken momos, fish momos, mutton momos etc., are sold.

Many restaurants and eateries are trying to bring in new varieties of momos to satiate the palate of their customers.

A Mumbai eatery, Messy Adda, is serving Bahubali momos. These momos are gold-plated.

As the name suggests, it is a giant momo that weighs around 2kgs and can be served to 6 to 8 people.

Bahubali momo is filled with vegetables and mozzarella cheese. It is garnished with a layer of 24-karat edible gold. It is served with three types of chutneys and a mayo dip.

Bahubali momo comes in a combo with an orange mint mojito and two chocolate momos. It costs ₹1,299.

There are many such restaurants in various parts of the country that serve different types of momos. One such momo variety is vodka momo. A restaurant in Delhi serves it. The batter for vodka momos is prepared with vodka, and even the stuffing inside them also contain vodka. They are layered with crispy onions and garlic for extra flavour.

Another Delhi restaurant serves kurkure momos. These steamed momos are coated with a crunchy base. The stuffing varies with the choice of a customer ranging from vegetables to chicken and fish.

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