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Man hires helicopter for newborn girl child

Man hires helicopter for newborn girl child

Rajasthan is one of the Indian states where the sex ratio of females to males is low. In this context, a Rajasthan family grabbed the attention of the media by hiring a helicopter to bring a newborn girl child to their home from her maternal grandparent’s home.

Hanuman Prajapat and his wife Chuki Devi had been waiting eagerly for their newborn baby. On March 3, Chuki Devi gave birth to a girl child at the Nagaur district hospital. This made them rejoice a lot. After that, Chuki Devi went to her parent’s home for post-delivery care.

Hanuman Prajapat wanted to celebrate the occasion of bringing his wife and daughter, Riya, back to his home. Hence, he decided to hire a helicopter to return their home.

Notably, the family had no girl child for the past 35 years. Riya is the first girl child born after 35 years in the family. Hence, Hanuman Prajapat and his father Madan Lal Kumhar decided to welcome the girl child grandly.

The family took permission from the district collector to use a helicopter. The authorities approved the family to build helipads in both villages to fly from the home of maternal grandparents to paternal grandparents.

The distance between the two villages is around 30 km and the cost is around ₹4.5 lakhs. It took just 10 minutes to cover the distance. As soon as Prajapat landed in his village along with his wife and little daughter, his parents, family members and villagers welcomed them.

On this occasion, Prajapat said that people normally do not celebrate the birth of girl children as they do in the case of boys. But, now by bringing his daughter in a helicopter and celebrating her birth, he would like to say that girls should be equally treated to boys. They also want to say that there should not be any discrimination between both boys and girls. Though Prajapat studied up to Class 10, he would like to educate his daughter well and fulfil her dreams.

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