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Interesting facts about Idli and World Idli Day

Interesting facts about Idli and World Idli day

Idli is one of the most favourite breakfast recipes in India. Especially, South Indians like it very much. Do you know there is a special day dedicated to it? World Idli Day is celebrated on March 30 each year. But do you know who started it and how many varieties of idli there are?

Below are some interesting facts of idli:

  • As per some historians, idli originated in Indonesia as a fermented food. Later, it reached India in the form of steamed food. However, as per some sources, it changed its form and ingredients. The recipe is made with urad dal and rice.
  • This healthy recipe dates back many centuries.
  • Idli is the most sought breakfast recipe in South India. However, it is more popular in Tamil Nadu.
  • World Idli Day was celebrated first time in 2015 by Eniyavan, a popular idli caterer in Chennai. He made 1,328 varieties of idlis to celebrate this day. He also made giant 44-kilogram idli and cut it like a cake on that day.
  • Eniyavan is also known as Idli Man. He serves more than 2,000 varieties to his customers in Chennai. Among them, Mallipoo idli, tender coconut idli, chutney-stuffed idli, chocolate idli, pizza idli, and idli made with seasonal fruits and vegetables are popular.
  • He also serves Mickey Mouse-shaped idli and Kung Fu Panda idli to attract kids.
  • There are different types of idli. Apart from regular idli, various types of idli like poha idli, millet idli, vermicelli idli, oats idli, vegetable idli, Kanchipuram idli, podi idli, curd idli, semolina idli, bread idli, palak idli, paneer idli, barley idli, moong idli etc. are available.
  • Idli is generally served with coconut chutney, peanut chutney, spicy powder, roasted coconut powder, curry leaves powder, sambar, roasted peanut powder, potato curry, roasted sesame seed powder etc.

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