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India’s first open-air Gym on a beach

India’s first open Gym on a beach

India, as a peninsular country, has its fair share of beaches from which to choose when going on vacation.

The Indian coastline is approximately 7,500 kilometers long, and it has over 200 beaches.

A trip to the beach is often an opportunity for both relaxation and exercise.

Some people enjoy sitting by the shore for hours, whether dozing, reading, or drawing the seaside.

Other people enjoy taking a walk or a run on the beach. People who live by the shore sometimes do this as their first activity in the morning.

However, in Kannur, Payyambalam Beach has just introduced a new way to exercise on the beach: an open-air gym.

Payyambalam Beach’s new open-air gym is called The Amphibian: Where Man Meets Sea.

The gym is a project flagged off by the Kannur’s district collector, Mir Mohammed Ali. Ali is a self-proclaimed “aquaphile”.

The Amphibian has equipment that is catered to both adults and children.

Adults can use regular workout equipment. There is a special section in the gym for children, which includes more child-oriented equipment.

The children’s section even has a miniature rock-climbing wall for children to climb. Therefore, people of all ages will be able to work out and have fun at The Amphibian.

On August 6th, The Amphibian was inaugurated by the State Minister for Ports, Ramachandran Kadanapally.

Kadanapally even decided to try his hand at one of the exercise machines in the new gym.

The Amphibian is barely 150 meters from the sea, so people won’t have to walk far to experience the joys of both Payyambalam Beach and its open-air gym.

According to Ali, people can work out at The Amphibian during any time of the day.

Hopefully, Payyambalam Beach’s open-air gym will inspire other Indian beaches to take up similar initiatives in order to promote healthy exercise across the nation.

Image Credit:- “Yay – outdoor gym equipment just installed down from out beach house” by UpSticksNGo Crew is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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