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India’s 100th Airport launched

India’s 100th Airport launched

India’s 100th airport and Sikkim’s first ever airport was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday in Paykong.

In this context, PM said that from Independence to 2014 (in 67 years), India had only 65 airports which means that one airport was built every year on an average.

The PM added that, in the last four years the central government built nine airports on an average per year with 35 airports in total.

He also added that during their term, it was not just air connectivity that increased but rail connectivity as well. In addition to that, electricity has been provided to many villages along with the construction of broad national highways, bridges on rivers and village roads.

Here are some interesting points about Paykong Airport in Sikkim:

  • The 100th airport in Paykong is the first greenfield airport in Sikkim. With this airport, the travel to and from Sikkim will be easier.
  • This has been a dream of Sikkim for nine years. The foundation stone for this airport was laid in 2009 which was completed now and the state waited nine years for its dream to become true.
  • The distance between Paykong to Gangtok, the state capital is nearly 33km.
  • The Paykong airport is located on the top of a hill at an altitude of 4,700 feet. It will be included the five highest airports in the country.
  • It is situated approximately 60 km from the Indo-China border.
  • The airport spreads across 201 acres.
  • The first commercial flights from this airport will begin from October 4.
  • Earlier, Sikkim people had to travel an additional 124 km via National Highway 10 for flight travel.
  • Those who want to travel to Sikkim are currently using Bagdogra airport in Darjeeling district of West Bengal.
  • But, this airport will save their time and additional journey. Direct connectivity also improves tourism.

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