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Indians 2nd biggest job creators in London

Indians 2nd biggest job creators in London

Here is yet another achievement for Indians in 2015. They have become the second largest job creators in 2015. In the recent data released by London and Partners on Tuesday, it was found that Indian companies have already created 504 new jobs in London this year. They are second only to Americans who created 1983 jobs.

Recently, china has been investing heavily in UK, but they have only been able to create 277 jobs so far this year. Another interesting trend here is that every passing year shows an increase in the number of jobs created by Indian companies. In the year 2012, Indian companies created 404 jobs in London, in 2013, 429 jobs and in 2014, 438 jobs were created by Indian jobs.

Increasing number of companies are expanding and setting up headquarters in London than before. This is driven by the increasing tech startups. A new record of 270 companies have set up or grown significantly in the last year, thereby creating 5000 jobs.

In the topic of new companies, 28 new Indian companies were set up in London in 2015. This is four higher than Chinese companies and is second only to America. Global giants like Pfizer, Greenland Group and Tata Elxsi have all expanded or created new headquarters in London.

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