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Indian Startups attract Global Companies

Indian Startups attract Global Companies

If you want to earn huge money, design a novel app or establish a company with innovative ideas. You will become a millionaire/billionaire if your app or company catches the attention of global companies. This is because Indian startups are attracting global companies with their unique features, and they are ready to pay a huge amount of money to acquire them. Yesterday Little EyeLabs, today Bookpad and tomorrow, it may be your chance.

Indian Startups attract Global Companies

Little EyeLabs was founded in 2012. The Bangalore-based app monitoring solution was acquired by Facebook. Now another Bangalore-based startup got a wonderful opportunity to merge with Yahoo.

Bookpad, founded by three IIT graduates in 2013, is acquired by Yahoo for $8.3 million.  It is developed by the creators of Docspad and is intended for the use of developers. It works similar to Google Docs. Bookpad facilitates document viewing, annotations and editing features. Users can create, view, edit and format text documents online or within an app and collaborate with other people in real time. Applicant-tracking systems, File-sharing apps, Conferencing solutions, Learning Management solutions etc. can be available with this.

Sources such as The Economic Times, The Times of India and TechCrunch confirmed this deal. However, the company CEO and founders did not comment on this.

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