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Indian short film wins International Jury Award

Indian short film wins International Jury Award

Aaba, a short film directed by Amar Kaushik was the only Indian film at the 67th Berlin International Film Festival to win a prize.

It received the Special Prize of Generation Kplus International Jury for Best Short Film.

This 22 minute film received the award on Sunday.

The movie has a heart touching story about a girl and her grandfather who has terminal stage of lung cancer. The concept was portrayed beautifully bagging the international award.

The movie was entirely shot in Arunachal Pradesh background in a small village called Ziro.

The film had a simple amount of crew and was made with a modest budget. The producer of the film Guneet Monga was on cloud nine saying he was proud of the film.

The film starred Sunku Dani, Randa Dani and Chuniya Dani. The story was written by Amar’s mother Shashi.

Amar Kaushik started his directing career with this movie. He did not direct a movie on his own before. His very first film encased his talent winning him an award.

He previously worked as an associate director on the 2011 thriller No One Killed Jessica. He also worked in the film ‘Aamir’

The film is in Hindi and as well as the local tribal language Apatani. It portrays the tribal life very realistically.

Amar Kaushik deserves an applause for his debut work to be done so well. He came to this position after working in the film industry for nine years.

He did various jobs like assistant director, script supervisor and associate director. Amar did a course in Mass Communication. He started his work in film industry without any prior contacts or references.

All the actors are from the tribal region. Amar says it was not hard to find the right faces but it was hard to communicate with them because of language trouble.

He lived there for a month to learn the communication and teach to act.

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