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Good Samaritans offer free food to COVID patients

Good Samaritans offer free food to COVID patients

As COVID-19 affects several millions of people across the country, many citizens are helping others in need.

Most COVID-19 affected people are unable to cook their own food even though they are in home isolation. It is due to the extreme weakness they feel and other side effects they experience with medicines.

In this context, many COVID patients are desperately in need of food. Some Good Samaritans came to their rescue in various places across the country.

Several service providers deliver food to patients by charging money. But this article mainly focuses on people who are providing free food to COVID patients.

In Bihar, a few restaurants started delivering free food to COVID affected patients. Dilip Singh has two restaurants, Wins Food Court and Anand Vihar Restaurant. He came to know that a doctor’s family tested positive for COVID-19, after which their family members were facing a food crisis. Then, he decided to deliver food packs to them. Since then, he has been sending food to 200 people daily for free.

In Bengaluru, Mission Chai offers free vegetarian food to people in need by contacting them.

Several people offer free tiffin services to COVID patients in different places of the country.

Hotel Altius offers free food at the doorsteps of COVID patients in Chandigarh.

Many people are helping others as a group. While some of them prepare food, others are packing food items, and the remaining deliver them to the patients.

Also, many women from across various places of the country are offering free home-cooked food to COVID-19 patients.

Many such Good Samaritans are helping in this crisis by offering their help to fellow citizens and doing selfless service.

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