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Get rid of the bad energy in your life

Get rid of the bad energy in your life

Over time, bad energy can build up around us and inside us like dust accumulation, and it is important to rid ourselves of it when necessary. Necessary moments especially come at times such as following a breakup, divorce, time with negative people, a stressful week, or a sickness following a move. There are some regular practices for clearing out bad energy, and they are as follows:

• Burn sage or palo santo, or “holy wood”, in any place to rid it of negative energy. Swirl it counterclockwise in the room, and then put it in a fireproof bowl such as ones made of glass, metal, or clay, letting the glow go down.

• Open all doors and windows in the house, and let the water run itself for a few minutes. So to not waste water, in areas that are highly prone to drought, it is important to have a method to conserve water after doing this.

• Diffuse essential oils to purify the air and raise vibrational energy of the space, such as Purification, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.

• Crystals are great for clearing out negative energy in a room. White quartz and black tourmaline are recommended, since they can be found more easily and cheaply than many other crystals.

• Salt is very useful for clearing out negative energy, and there are several methods in using it. One method is to sprinkle salt in the corners of the room and then vacuum it up after it has sat for a few hours. Another way is to place black tourmaline in corners of rooms with a little salt sprinkled around each as to absorb the energy in a space.

• Especially good for clearing one’s own energy is a bath in epsom salt. Put two cups of epsom salt and some lavender oil into a bath and soak for at least twenty minutes, which can get good energy flowing through the body again.

• Affirmations and mantras can aid in clearing away bad energy. We don’t even realize that when we are depressed or angry, the space around us absorbs our thoughts right up.

• Lastly, what always helps in improving the energy of a space is lighting candles and putting on some high-frequency music, which creates a vibe with a soothing and zen feel.

Since these practices don’t take very long, it is important to try them out to make a difference to how you feel and how the space feels to others when they enter it. Similar to physical clutter, it is important to clear up emotional clutter along with it.

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