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Water saving hacks for summer

Water saving hacks for summer

India has a shortage of water. The water problems are common in both urban and rural areas. Every summer these problems increase further.

The taps and tanks grow dry because of the heat. Every year the heat of summer is rising due to climate change. This make the problem even worse.

It is expected that India might be having a severe water scarcity this summer.

The Ministry of Water Resources says that the water levels in 91 reservoirs across India already dropped by 3%.

During such times, it is important to take precautions to save water. Doing your part will help fight water scarcity. Here are some hacks you can try to save your water so you don’t have to buy it.

  • According to surveys, 38 liters per day of a household’s water is lost through leaks. Even minor leaks can waste around 6 liters of water per day. So, get a plumber and fix every leak you see.
  • This might seem so small and insignificant, but things like turning off the water while brushing your teeth can save a lot. An average faucet releases 7.5 liters of water per minute.
  • When shaving, try to rinse your razor in a mug of water rather than under running water. You will be surprised how much is saved.
  • Try to shower fast rather than a long, water wasting one.
  • Use newly made flushes that use less water. You can save upto 15 to 30 liters a day with water saving flushes.
  • Don’t run the water while washing your dishes.
  • Don’t use water for thawing frozen food.
  • Use measured amount of water for cooking.
  • Use water saving devices. They help give a wider spread of water using less amount.
  • Don’t use hoses for washing cars or other things. Use buckets and wash clothes.
  • Reuse waste water for simpler cleaning purposes. You can try using recycling for this.

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