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What your food habits say about you

What your food habits say about you

There are many small clues about the various lifestyle habits of a person that can give away one’s personality. One of these details are the habits of eating that a person displays. Of course, everyone has a different way of eating their food, but there are some certain traits that are seen commonly which can give away the general outlook of one’s character. Therefore, here are eight general eating habits, and what they say about the people that have them:

·     Some people take a few moments to just admire the food set on their plates, letting their eyes take it in. Such traits indicate someone who is thoughtful, determined, and with clear sight for their future.

·     Certain people eat their food without even looking at what is on their plate, while in the meantime either talking to others sitting with them or looking out at the world. This indicates a carefree personality and one who is respectful of the opinions and views of others.

·     There are certain people who eat their food so quickly that they have already finished their meal before some people at their table are finished being served! These people tend to be nervous types, often stressed in life and anxious in behavior.

·     Some people eat their food quickly in a different manner: either always being the first one to finish in company, or swallowing food without having chewed it too much. These people tend to have impatient personalities, but also have ambition and open minds.

·     Certain people chew their food as slowly as possible before swallowing it. These tend to be calm types, who are appreciators of life with control over their minds.

·     Some people like eating platters of mixed food. These ones tend to be multitaskers in life, having trouble with priorities, and always striving to do many things at one time.

·     Certain people take a bite of everything that is available to try on their plate, but always make sure to keep the platter well organized. These people tend to be thorough planners, enjoying their current life, but not closed to new opportunities.

·     Some enjoy always going out of their comfort zone and constantly experimenting with food, trying new tastes and combinations. These people take risks in life and tend to be adventurers, always on the move.

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