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Ekal Vanyatra

Ekal Vanyatra

Ekal Vanyatra includes a day tip to interact with the children in Ekal School, teachers, villagers and Ekal workers. The school teacher in Ekal also serves as health-care worker. The visitors can learn about several aspects of Ekal movement. The aim of Ekal Vanyatra is to assist visitors in knowing and experiencing the Ekal schools and programmes.

Cost of Vanyatra is around Rs.2,000 per day which is to be borne by the visitors. Generally it involves day trip only. Overnight stays are included. However, if the location has basic facilities like food, sanitation, health, safety and comfort, then overnight accommodation is provided on the request of visitors for an additional costs.

Ekal has initiated “Gramotthan” which involves the upliftment of villages by enhancing the income of farmers. You can sponsor a village for which you can get tax benefits. You can also adopt a school for Rs.20,000. The donations for Ekal are tax deductible.

Several NRIs visit Ekal schools under Vanyatra. Sat Pal Gupta from Canada felt that he had never seen such dedicated work from anywhere even without any monetary benefits. In his opinion, even private schools do not impart such type of education. He praised teachers and volunteers who work for Ekal and such great things there. You can read many inspiring stories on their website or subscribing  to them.

Image Reference: Ekal.org

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