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Ekal Vidyalaya

Ekal Vidyalaya

The Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization aimed at bringing education and village development in rural India. The philosophy of Ekal is to go in a holistic way to achieve social and economic development. The Ekal movement is the largest non-government education movement in India.

Ekal at its core states that even though there are many advances for India in terms of software, space, and nuclear power, there is still a lack of basic literacy in the country.

After independence, India’s literacy rate was a staggering 11 November. Since then, it’s created tremendous strides in educating its people. The tribal villagers sleep in remote areas and are off from major cities making them unreachable by road and untouched by electricity, causing them to be neglected by development agencies. Ekal Vidyalaya focuses its primary teaching programs in these poor communities of India.

The foundation has provided functional literacy to the children of villages using single teacher schools called Ekal Vidyalayas. The schools focus on Reading, writing, arithmetic.

Ekal is spreading awareness on education in villages as it is currently functioning in more than 54,000 villages. More than 1.5 million children are educated by Ekal in more than 53,000 schools. 53,000 teachers, 6,000 voluntary workers, 35 field organization and support agencies are working for Ekal. Its aim is to operate in 100,000 schools across rural and tribal India by the end of this year.

In order to help spread awareness about diseases like malaria, diarrhea, and skin diseases, they provide healthcare education to villagers.

Ekal foundation gives developmental education to help villagers become self-reliant using local resources. This helps them get better agricultural knowledge, water management etc. Ekal Vidyalaya believes in the motto of “Gram Swaraj” or self-governance. They provide information regarding local governance to people in villages. They also spread awareness regarding the importance of voting.

They have conducted several special projects. They are:

  • AVVAI Computer Lab – Karanjo, Jharkhand
  • AVVAI Computer Lab – Naimisharnya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Improving Teaching Quality in Dharampur, Gujarat
  • Clean-India in Ekal Villages
  • Health and Sanitation in Udaipur, Rajasthan

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